Introducing Grandma's Recipes:

Projects for Your Community

Grandmas possess wisdom, power, and influence to make change in their communities. The purpose of Grandma's Recipes, our community project guides, is to empower grandmothers to address things they want to change in their communities easily and accessibly. The criteria for creating a recipes is that it a) does not require creating an organization to do it and b) is relatively low cost!

Each recipe draws inspiration from successful projects created by various organizations, but can be tailored to your community. 

Remember these principles when cooking up positive change 

Grandmas are influential and powerful. Grandmas have remarkable influence across generations, wielding power through love, wisdom, traditions, rituals, and cherished family bonds.

Anybody can be a changemaker. Everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, has the ability to make big changes in the world. Each person has unique qualities, ideas, and experiences that can be used for positive change. 

Solutions to issues are already available in your community. Valuable resources and solutions are readily accessible within your community. Such resources provide the means to foster positive change. Working to improve your local community is really important for making big changes across the globe.

Each recipe can fit your community. These adaptable recipes can be customized to suit your community's unique needs and preferences effectively.

Trying your best is more important than perfection. Prioritizing effort over perfection is crucial. Sincere, inclusive attempts drive meaningful change and growth. 

Grandma's Recipes

GMC Grandma's Recipes - Book Buddies.pdf

Book Buddies Recipe

Based on the We Love Reading program, this recipe teaches you how to nurture children’s love for reading through reading circles led by adults. 

GMC Grandma's Recipes - Communitea.pdf

CommuniTEA Recipe

Based on Re-Engage UK’s tea party program, this recipe's focuses on how to combat loneliness in older adults through tea parties. 

GMC Grandma's Recipes - Bridging the Community.pdf

Bridging the Community Recipe

Based on Bridging the Community’s meeting format, this helps you create strong connections among local community members by solving problems together. 

GMC Grandma's Recipes - Laundry Love.pdf

Laundry Love Recipe

This recipe, inspired by Laundry Love, focuses on aiding community members in need by providing resources to free laundry services.

After the Recipe: Next Steps 

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Connect with a vibrant community: Gain access to a warm and welcoming community of grandmothers and individuals who recognize and value the immense contributions of these extraordinary women. Share stories, exchange advice, and forge meaningful connections that will enrich your journey. Together, we can make a difference. 

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