What We Do

The Grandmother Collective supports and advocates for a world where a grandmother’s power is seen, cultivated and activated for positive change. We do this through four priority areas:

A membership program for organizations that engage in grandmother-centered programming. Member organizations connect with like-minded people during monthly membership forums. They are also helping us to learn via blueprints of what kinds of models and approaches make the most impact. We feature them in social media and on our blog and are building capacity programs for them to help grow their reach and visibility.

A movement building program that is activating individual grandmothers to see themselves as part of a global movement for grandmother changemaking. This community convenes on social media and our blog and we will connect with them through a newsletter and podcast.

Through our research and learning program we are  exploring the “role of grandmothers” in helping to manage a variety of global challenges, redefining how to measure the impact of older women and developing tools and resources that can help greater numbers of grandmothers to develop pathways to changemaking.

Our training and pilot programs are aimed at inspiring potential grandmother leaders and giving them the tools they need to succeed in changemaking. We do this through online, self-guided courses for individuals and in-person facilitated pilots in collaboration with community organizations.