Training and Pilot Programs

For Older Women Changemakers:  Creating Community Change

The Grandmother Action Course is an exclusive six-week online program designed for English-speaking older women worldwide who are eager to explore avenues for change and connect with like-minded individuals facing similar challenges. This course will delve into changemaking theories and emphasize the unique roles older women play in effecting positive transformations. The primary goal is to empower older women with the knowledge and skills necessary to craft localized solutions for community challenges. Focused on simplicity and scalability, the course provides a platform for knowledge sharing, peer collaboration, and the development of a supportive community. Through a hybrid model with weekly facilitated learning sessions, participants will gain practical guidance, inspiration, and a comprehensive understanding of how grandmothers, with their wealth of experience, can be strategically included in diverse social change projects. 

Grandmother Action Projects 

The Grandmother Collective supports grassroots grandmother-led models for community development and social connection. We find local partners who help us create grandmother-led community projects. These projects support older women to recognize their unique social roles, define their leadership potential and local assets, design uniquely tailored programs, and work together to co-lead change in their communities. The projects focus on nurturing the next generation, community unity, or environmental protection and enable us to ignite grandmother powered change and develop deeper evidence of the impact that grandmothers’ participation makes in social change. 

Grandmother Action Projects are designed by grandmothers who are intrinsically and intuitively aware of programming gaps and where support is needed for their community.

Advancing Community Cohesion in Chicago with Grandmothers 

With JPA Chicago, the Grandmother Collective has supported the development of a Grandmother's Project. We provided trainings and grandmother-led models to help JPA introduce grandmother-led programming into schools in North Lawndale in Chicago where the organization currently works. Grandmother leaders from the neighborhood led the process of a designing a project that met a need -- to help kids feel more local pride and to use intergenerational teamwork to build greater community cohesion. This contributes to the mission set forth over 120 years ago by JPA's founder, Jane Addams, to improve the social and emotional well-being and functioning of vulnerable children so they can reach their fullest potential at home, in school, and in their communities.

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After the storm: Grandmothers working to repair the social fabric of an Appalachian community 

Grandmothers connected to Hemphill Community Center in Jackhorn, KY have designed and launched two grandmother action projects. With our partner, we brought together grandmothers in a region of Central Appalachia that is navigating the compounding challenges of opioid addiction, the decline of the coal industry, an aftermath of a historic flood, and population decline. After an initial grandmother leader training, they decided to focus on the mental health and economic advancement of young girls in the region. Inspired by Zimbabwe’s Friendship Bench they are creating a basic training in counseling and mental health support to provide open office hours for community youth to seek support. They are also creating a lunch and learn program with a local middle school to create new rites of passage and serve as role models for adolescent girls. In addition, they will host a career series with local women speakers to open up the teen’s horizons. We are supporting this project to grow through its first year.

Educational Outreach 

Unlocking Community Potential: Changing Cultural Systems with The Grandmother Collective

With ASU's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, we will facilitate a 1-hour session with the Grandmother Collective to help participants consider how to unlock your personal and community potential. Drawing inspiration from global grandmother and older adult changemakers, participants explore how changing our cultural, community and family systems can be critical to making a long-term impact. 

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