Webinars and Workshops 

Inspiring and spreading ideas of grandmothers as changemakers

Recognizing the need to shed light on the role grandmothers are already playing as catalysts for change, Grandmother Collective hosts online events dedicated to exploring the remarkable stories, perspectives, and practices of grandmother changemakers. Our webinars and workshops aim to bridge the gap, amplify their voices, and inspire individuals of all generations to support and engage with the valuable work of grandmothers in creating a better world.

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Upcoming Events

The Benefits of Reading Aloud with We Love Reading's Rana Dajani

Friday, April 19, 2024
11:00am EDT (GMT-5)

Join us for an enriching workshop on "The Benefits of Reading Aloud" featuring Dr. Rana Dajani, the founder of our member organization We Love Reading. Discover the methods developed by Dr. Dajani and the team, aimed at revitalizing the joy of reading within communities. Explore the myriad benefits for children and the wider community as we delve into the transformative impact of shared reading experiences.

During this session, Dr. Dajani will share her insights on the the significance of reading aloud, fostering connectivity and building bridges among caretakers and community members. And we'll learn about the profound effects of this practice on nurturing literacy skills and fostering a love for reading.

The workshop will include a talk followed by a Q&A session, tailored for network members eager to implement similar initiatives in their communities. Don't miss the opportunity to discover innovative strategies for bringing the joy of reading to your community!

In the meantime, see the latest research from We Love Reading and sign up for their free online training

We interviewed Dr. Dajani last year for our Grandma Magic podcast -- listen here

Building Trust: Trauma-Informed Strategies for Connection

Friday, May 3, 2024
12pm - 1:30pm EDT (GMT-5)

Join us for an interactive virtual workshop on Trauma-Informed Strategies for Connection, facilitated by Dr. Cari Gulbrandsen, a social work educator, registered social worker (RSW), and grandmother! Gain valuable insights into trauma-informed care and its application when working with children and youth who have experienced trauma. Through dynamic small and large group dialogues, participants will explore recommended principles and practices by leading clinicians and researchers in the field. Share your own experiences and strategies for building relationships with youth while learning from others in the field. Discover the importance of intergenerational relationships in nurturing resilience among affected children. This workshop will equip you with practical tools and collective wisdom to effectively support young people on their healing journey. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and deepen your understanding of trauma-informed care.

Past Events

The Role of Grandmothers in Restoring Democracy

Monday, March 4, 2024
12:00pm EST (GMT-5)

Join us for a one-hour webinar titled "The Role of Grandmothers in Restoring Democracy" where we'll delve into the crucial role of grandmothers in rebuilding American democracy. This insightful session will include time for a Q&A, providing an opportunity to explore inspiring stories of grandmothers leading collaborative, non-partisan movements on key democracy issues. From addressing corruption to championing accessible education and supporting the next generation, these grandmothers bring practical wisdom to this crtical challenge. This webinar offers an exploration of their invaluable perspectives and experiences. Don't miss this chance to learn about the alternative ways that grandmothers are thinking about the future of our democracy and see the world through their down-to-earth, practical perspectives.


Dina Butcher

Co-Founder, Badass Grandmas for Democracy 

Ellen Chaffee

Co-Founder, Badass Grandmas for Democracy

J'Shawna Hayes

Founder, The H.O.P.E Foundation

Shirley Showalter

Co-Founder, Grandmas for Love 

The Role of Grandmothers in Climate Action

Thursday, September 21, 2023
12:00pm EST (GMT-4)

Join us for a webinar that explores the pivotal role of grandmothers in climate action as both activists and frontline mitigators or adapters. In this one hour session, we will delve into the unique perspectives and experiences of grandmothers who have stepped up as passionate advocates for a sustainable future. Discover how organizations drive positive change at the grassroots level, tackling environmental challenges head-on. Gain invaluable insights into their strategies, successes, and the obstacles they face, as we shed light on the indomitable power of grandmothers in shaping a greener, more resilient world.


Lutchmee Perumal

Deputy Chairperson of the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance

Louise Brownlee

Co-Chair of Grandmothers Act to Save the Planet

Moderated by Linda Rosier

Founder, World Council