Introducing the Tea for Change Handbook:
Equipping Grandmothers to Drive Social Change

This is a handbook we designed to help older women rediscover their power together. You can use the resource to leverage your assets and experience and forge meaningful connections to drive community engagement.

There are five essential parts and a selection of downloadable materials. These resources include an invitation, a Grandmother Magic handout, and a collection of inspiring stories highlighting grandmothers who are making a positive impact around the world.

Also Available in Spanish

The Tea for Change Way: Grandmother Leadership in Social Change

Step one: Gather your friends for an enriching tea (or coffee!) session and discover the profound movement of grandmother leadership in social change.

Step two: Reflect on the unique and remarkable abilities possessed by grandmothers and female elders in your culture and community. Appreciate the depth of their knowledge and the invaluable contributions they can make.

Step three: Engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges you observe in the world or within your own community. Define the vision for the world we aspire to inhabit—an inclusive, compassionate, and vibrant society.

Step four: Map out your personal and community assets. Identify the strengths, skills, and resources that exist within you and your surroundings, discovering the powerful tools at your disposal.

Step five: Develop a concrete plan of action and share your efforts with a global community of grandmothers. Together, let us amplify the impact of our work, inspiring and supporting one another on this incredible journey of creating positive change.

Tea for Change Materials 

Tea for Change Handbook

Editable Invitation.pdf

Printable invitation template

Examples of Grandmas Making Change.pdf

Handout: Examples of grandmother-led programs

Grandmother Magic.pdf

Handout: What makes grandmother-led programs special

After the Tea for Change: Next Steps

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Connect with a vibrant community: Gain access to a warm and welcoming community of grandmothers and individuals who recognize and value the immense contributions of these extraordinary women. Share stories, exchange advice, and forge meaningful connections that will enrich your journey. Together, we can make a difference. 

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