What We Do

Member Forums

Our forums are for grandmother-inclusive organizations to gather for peer support, new ideas, networking, and to learn from each other. Interested in joining us? Send us an email.


Our educational activities focus on sharing insights and knowledge about the impact of grandmothers around the world. These events, forums and webinars focus on sharing best practices and resources for organizations and individuals who want to incorporate grandmother-centered programming into their social change initiatives. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about future events.

Training & Pilots

We are developing training courses and pilot programs for nonprofits that are interested in engaging older women and the power of grandmothers in their programming.


We initiate and support research on grandmother-inclusive models with a focus on both the powerful roles of grandmothers in social change and also the ways that others can adopt these models.

Campaigns & Advocacy

Our media channels showcase ways in which older women are effective and unique contributors to society. Read more about the power of grandmothers as changemakers on Medium. Follow us on social media (links below) or sign up for our newsletter.