Grandmothers for a Better World

The Grandmother Collective is raising the profile of grandmothers as unique and essential contributors to social change. We work to equip grandmothers and older women so they can leverage their wisdom, experience, insights, and contributions to make impact around the world.

More than just a collective of grandmothers, we are a force for community level change, addressing societal challenges, promoting sustainability, and advocating for a world built on empathy and inclusivity. The Grandmother Collective seeks to rewrite the narrative of aging, proving that the later chapters of life are filled with purpose, impact, and a commitment to leaving the world better. 


NEW! Learn about our Global Symposium on Grandmother Leadership and Social Change

In May, we held a global Symposium that brought together scholars, activists, grandmothers, and policy makers to think about the ways in which we can drive a field for older women in changemaking. Learn from our Insights report and watch videos of parts of the event. 

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NEW!! Join us for the Women Making Waves Book Club, a monthly event designed to bring together grandmothers, aunties, elder women, and intergenerational allies committed to social change. Every month at 7 PM Eastern Time, we gather to discuss thought-provoking books that inspire, educate, and empower.

First Meeting: TUESDAY AUGUST 20th 7-8:30pm Eastern US

Selection: How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community by Mia Birdsong

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Join us for the Fall Community Meeting, a gathering dedicated to discussing the growth and impact of the Grandmother Collective. This event marks an important step toward transforming our network into a collective that is driven by the needs and desires of its members and network. 

Two Times to Join:  TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 10th 9am or 7pm Eastern US

Who? Member organizations, newsletter recipients, social media followers, Facebook group followers, podcast listeners, or anyone who has participated in a webinar, workshop, course, or event – all invited!


Listen to our latest Grandma Magic podcast episodes!

The Grandma Magic podcast explores the impactful roles of grandmothers and older women in social development worldwide. Through conversations with grandmother and grand other changemakers, we aim to inspire, bring joy, and celebrate the wisdom of older women everywhere. 

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Explore the Tea for Change Handbook, which comprises five essential parts, alongside a selection of downloadable materials. These resources include an invitation, a Grandmother Magic handout, and a collection of inspiring stories highlighting grandmothers who are making a positive impact around the world.


Download Thrive Together

With Ashoka we have developed Thrive Together: a Changemaking Guide to Intergenerational collaboration to equip grandmothers - and other older changemakers - with practical ideas for engaging with changemaking or starting a program or initiative in their area. 


Check out Road Scholar's Top Volunteer Opportunities for Older Adults

We know that sometimes people aren't ready to host their own conversations about change or lead new initiatives. All efforts to support a better world matter - big or small. Read about some volunteer opportunities in this Road Scholar article and they wrote about us!