Member Organizations

Barefoot College

Barefoot College International aspires to increase economic mobility by making vocational and educational opportunities accessible to women and girls from the most marginalized communities around the world. They train grandmothers to become engineers who build solar energy grids to power and empower their home communities all over the world.

For All Ages

For All Ages is Connecticut’s only nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting the generations and inspiring action to end loneliness, reduce ageism, and improve health and well-being. Through evidence-informed programs and events, For All Ages creates positive, collaborative experiences between the generations that showcase the wisdom and vibrancy of older adults while countering the loneliness and isolation that are at epidemic levels across all age groups.


Grandmas2Go-Family Coaches connects trained and trusted "women of wisdom and experience" with struggling new families to mentor, nurture and support parents, infants and toddlers during the critical early years of brain growth, from pregnancy to preschool.

Grandmother Project - Change through Culture

Grandmother Project’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of women, children and families in countries in the Global South by empowering communities to drive their own development by building on their own experience, resources and cultural realities. Grandmothers are the key to this work, serving as the community leaders who implement GMP's on-the-ground work.

Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia

The Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia stands for peace and human rights, with economic and social justice for all people. The Brigrade empowers older women to take part in collective efforts to demonstrate and protest against war, occupation, torture, and the violence of poverty, racism and environmental degradation.

Nanniet Malta

The Grandparents Foundation was created primarily to encourage grandchildren to keep caring for their parents and their grandparents, in appreciation and cherishing the love and wisdom they received from their grandparents.


Nyaka educates, empowers, and transforms vulnerable and impoverished communities in Uganda, ensuring that everyone has the chance to learn, grow, and thrive. As part of their programming, Nyaka empowers grandmothers with training, resources, and microfinancing for businesses and for their care of grandchildren at home.

Power of Love Foundation

The Power of Love Foundation funds and runs projects in Zambia and India. Their mission is to build strong and vibrant communities by ensuring no child is born with HIV and to care for HIV-positive infants and children so they can live productive lives. Their work empowers women, often grandmothers, and helps them take steps toward self-reliance.

Together Old & Young

Together Old and Young (TOY) is an international programme that promotes intergenerational learning. The TOY approach to intergenerational learning brings young children (0-8) and older adults together to share experiences, have fun, learn from each other, and develop meaningful relationships. Intergenerational Learning activities in TOY are friendly and informal social encounters, where children and adults can equally partake as the learner and the teacher. TOY is an international community of practice and supports intergenerational activities worldwide through professional development, quality assessment and improvement. The TOY project was initiated and is promoted by International Child Development Initiatives - ICDI (